Wednesday, January 20, 2016

So That the Demonizing Will Stop.

[Faith is] about being in companionship with Jesus. St. Ignatius in his spiritual exercises has a meditation called The Two Standards, and in it he says very simply, "See Jesus standing in the lowly place."

It's not about saluting a set of beliefs necessarily; it's about walking with Jesus and being a companion. 

And I haven't found anything that's brought me more life or joy than standing with Jesus, but also with the particularity of standing in the lowly place with the easily despised and the readily left out and with the demonized so that the demonizing will stop and with the disposable so that the day will come when we stop throwing people away. 

And I find the fullness of life in trying to as best I can in my own way to stand there." -Fr. Greg Boyle, S. J.