Sunday, August 22, 2010

Letting Go (and Holding On)

During last Saturday night’s worship service, the head missionary here in Poznan (Rev. Ev Tustin) spoke about the importance of surrender in living a life of freedom in Christ. In doing so, he explained the concept of surrender in a way that was really intriguing to me (Aaron).

“What does surrender mean?” he asked. “Letting go of...” At this point, of course, the Sunday School answer is “me.” The more we talked about it, however, the more I really began to understand that the answer isn’t just an amorphous, abstract “me.” It’s also “my” and “mine.” As in...“my ideas, dreams, and desires” and things that are “mine”...possessions, goals, etc.

In many ways, this is a big part of what I’ve been learning the past few weeks: how to let go of things that are only important to me because they’re mine...while also clinging to the things and ideas that are important to me because they’re a part of something bigger than me.

It’s a process...please pray that we are able to learn (and teach) patiently! :)


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