Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nordic Barista Cup 2010's been a while since we updated our blog, and one big reason why is our staff's recent 5-day trip to Oslo, Norway, for the 2010 Nordic Barista Cup!

The NBC was a time of incredibly rapid relational and professional growth for our young staff. We made SO much progress during our week away from the shop, and we came back VERY pumped about bringing specialty coffee to Poland -together- through the Sweet Surrender coffeehouses! In a series of lectures, seminars, cuppings, and tastings, we learned from the very best minds in the industry about every aspect of the specialty coffee production process, including planting, maintenance, harvesting, processing, storage, sale, transportation, roasting, re-sale, and brewing. For more info on the conference program (and all the amazing things we learned), check out the NBC website here.

We also sandwiched 1.5 whirlwind days of sightseeing around 3.5 days packed with specialty coffee education and inspiration...photographs of beautiful downtown Oslo, as well as the coffee conference and venue, are available here and here.

Thank you all SO for your continued prayers and support...we can really see -every day- how they are making a difference in our lives and those of our co-workers. God is at work in Poland!!!

Love, Aaron & Brit

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