Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mission Legacies

We've been listening to a lot of sermons lately. Live ones, of course, and weekly podcasts from OKC First Church of the Nazarene...but especially older, missions-themed sermons from various online archives.

Among our favorites are recordings of second- and third-generation Nazarene missions pioneers Dr. Elmer F. Schmelzenbach and  Rev. Harmon Schmelzenbach.

They encourage us, they inspire us, they invigorate us, and they (occasionally) shame us. Mostly, they remind us what Nazarene missions are all about, and who we (as Christians, as missionaries, and as Nazarenes) are called to be: simple, loving, trusting, passionate, hard-working, single-minded, sold-out followers of Christ. 

If you're interested, you can listen along with us here: http://web.me.com/mrcharles/Reflection__Elmer_Schmelzenbach/The_Message/The_Message.html and here: http://www.sermonindex.net/modules/mydownloads/viewcat.php?cid=875.

Papa Els would be proud. :)

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