Friday, February 1, 2013

Saying Yes and Saying No, Part 1

"Daily personal prayer, examination of conscience, and participation in a faith-sharing group: these smaller practices can be of real benefit to us in sustaining the larger practice of saying yes to life, saying no to destruction.

"Together, they help us to understand, judge, and evaluate our daily choices and decisions in light of their relation to our ultimate happiness, as individuals and as humans in community.

"If we are to enhance and build up the capacities for a good, wholesome, and holy life, we must learn to say yes to what affirms and renews wholeness and life. And we must learn to say a related no to what induces and brings about destruction and ruin.

"In this practice, we are invited and challenged to make a fully conscious choice about who it is we shall become."

-M. Shawn Copeland, "Saying Yes and Saying No," in Practicing Our Faith, ed. by Dorothy C. Bass

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