Thursday, March 28, 2013

Shunning Power, Waging Peace

A few worthwhile readings from Week 21 (Passion Week) in the Green Book:

"Peacemaking must be the primary focus of all political leaders, whether in or out of power. But the temptations to personal power are too intense to be overcome by our insistently self-centered egos. 

"Therefore, the peace must be God's peace, a peace that is freely available when we turn inwardly to Jesus. Jesus is the model of the ultimate peacemaker, always pointing to Abba as the ultimate source of peace, justice, goodness, mercy, love, and creativity. 

"In order to claim peace, we must relinquish our private agendas and let ourselves be claimed by God."
-Robert A. Jonas, Henri Nouwen: Writings Selected with an Introduction

I deeply believe this. As a Christian, as a pacifist, as a scholar, and (perhaps especially) as someone who often struggles to submit my own controlling nature to God's devastating, all-encompassing, merciful love.

"Is it possible that our world still knows better how to deal with a bandit, a murderer, an insurrectionist than it knows what to do with the Prince of Peace?...

"Is it possible that we would rather deal with raw power that rides on a stallion than with this one who comes on a donkey, with the weapons of love, patience, suffering, and peace? Given the choice, isn't it possible that we would take Barabbas, too?"
-James A. Harnish, What Will You Do with King Jesus?  

Here I identify with the disciples' words to Jesus: "This is a difficult teaching; who can accept it?" (John 6:60). It's definitely thought-provoking; even shameful. And almost certainly true.

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