Monday, October 21, 2013

Jesus, John Wesley, and the Poor.

"One of the few things John Wesley feared was the accumulation of wealth.

"As a biblical scholar and practical theologian he was convinced that to follow Jesus Christ meant involvement with, and ministry among and to, the poor.

"This conviction led him to live on a modest income even when his writing was producing significant return. His solution was to give away all but the money he needed to buy the essentials...

"Not only did Wesley beg on behalf of the poor, he preached to them and found ways to be with them. His journal is filled with entries that describe his experiences of visiting the poor, the prisoner, the sorrowing, and the suffering.

"The false stereotypes of the day were shattered as he came to work with and to know the poor and needy of the world. Had he ignored God's urging to ministry with the poor he would have missed a large segment of the population that turned toward Christ through the Methodist movement.

"He would have also missed living and witnessing to a balanced faith that emphasized love for God and love for neighbor in very simple and practical ways." -Reuben P. Job, A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader

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