Monday, October 21, 2013

The Tyranny of "To-Do."

Full disclosure: I (Aaron) love to-do lists.

I mean, I LOVE to-do lists. Not having things to do, necessarily, but being able to order and (hopefully) prioritize the things I have to do in a way that incentivizes and reminds me to actually accomplish them all.

I have at times -only half-jokingly- audibly debated having "to-do" tattooed on the top of my left hand so I can at least keep my near-perpetual list there neat and tidy.

It is with that stubborn, near-OCD perfectionism in mind, then, that I offer the following prayer from Patricia F. Wilson's Quiet Spaces:

"Dear Jesus, during this day help me quiet all the thoughts that fill my head-where I must go, whom I must see, and what I must do. In their place, give me a sense of your order, your peace, and your time.

"Help me to understand that you are in control, and I can trust you with my day. Help me to realize that nothing on my to-do list is important if it is not what you want me to do.

"I give all my tasks to you and trust you to bring order to them. In these moments, dear Jesus, come to me, be with me, and free me from the tyranny of "to do."


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