Thursday, July 1, 2010

Down to the Wire

We spoke at our last 2 churches on Wednesday and Thursday night during our last week in Maryland (and the United States)...the Cambridge (MD) and Damascus (MD) Churches of the Nazarene.

The pastoral staff and members of both churches received us very graciously, and we enjoyed sharing our call to Poland for a final time in with friends in the US! We also had the opportunity at both churches to eat and fellowship with members of the congregation and friends from their respective neighborhoods before the service began. It was different some places where we've gone to church in the past, but we really enjoyed the food and, no one had to rush home from work, corral their kids, make dinner, and THEN try to make it to church by 7:00 PM. It was a great system!

Special thanks to Pastor Richard in Cambridge, and to Janet, Roy, and Pastor George in Damascus...we really enjoyed sharing with (and getting to know) you and your people!

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