Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's All Happening, Part 3

After landing in Warsaw (pronounced Var-SHAW-vah in Polish) and clearing Customs in about fifteen seconds, we learned that our connecting flight to Poznan (pronounced somewhere between POZE-nahn and POZE-nine) had ALSO been delayed. Joy! :(

After a brief period of despair, a helpful and fairly bilingual ticket agent managed to A.) get us in the last two seats on an EARLIER flight to Poznan -and- B.) re-route all four of our bags along with us. Sweet action! :)

We hustled down the hallway to our plane...then down a double set of stairs...then across the street and into a waiting shuttle bus...then across 3/4 of a mile of tarmac...and finally up a set of old-school airplane stairs into a compact commuter plane. Less than an hour later, we touched down in Poznan...but a full 2 hours earlier than the missionaries (Rev. Ev and Rhonda Tustin) here expected us!

After another shuttle trip across the tarmac to the main/only terminal, we collected our luggage at the baggage claim (pretty easy, since ours was the only plane landing at the airport). We immediately cracked open the laptop and our iPod and began casting about for a suitable wi-fi signal with which to contact our ride before the laptop's battery died. We JUST made it, after only 20 minutes of experimenting with different positions in the baggage claim area...we posted the Facebook SOS and got a response less than 5 minutes before the battery died!

Realizing we hadn't eaten in something like 16 hours, we made a late-night stop at a gas station on the way to our apartment (Note: never, ever attempt to eat a pizza from a Polish gas station!). But after a few more minutes of wide-eyed car transport, we finally arrived at our 3rd-floor apartment above the Sweet Surrender Coffeehouse. We are finally home!! :)

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