Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's All Happening!

We have officially left the United States (heck, the Western Hemisphere) behind us!

Last Sunday evening we began re-packing (for the 3rd or 4th time) for our trip to Poland. Six or eight hours later, we stumbled into bed with four 49-pound suitcases, two 13-ish-pound carry-ons, a purse, and a laptop bag waiting for us downstairs. We had less than three hours left before we needed to leave for the airport, so neither of us slept much!

We arrived at BWI at 6 AM for our 8 AM flight to Boston. Thankfully, all of our bags weighed in under the limit (if only JUST) and we made it to our Southwest Airlines gate with plenty of time to spare. The short flight to Boston was a breeze; not sure either of us was awake for more than 20 minutes of it!

Boston Logan International Airport, on the other hand, was perhaps the worst thing that ever happened to us. At Logan we switched carriers to United, the airline that our Polish carrier (LOT Airlines) uses in the US. That's where the trouble began. United's Boston ticket counter staff, gate agents, and customer servicepersons were either overworked or incompetent, and a very real possibility exists that they're both. In any case, it took 4 separate lines, nearly 3 hours, and conversations with 3 separate agents before we had our bags safely checked and our boarding passes in hand. And we were only flying from Boston to Chicago!

Once safely landed in Chicago (more sleep on the plane for Aaron!), and being the conscientious international travelers that we are, we bypassed all of the delicious-smelling restaurants in our terminal, bypassed security, and headed straight for the international terminal to check on the status of our flight to Warsaw....which, as it turns out, was running 6 hours behind schedule! :(

To Be Continued...

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